Naked Man on a Balcony :-)

Every day on our way to the Institut Catholique de Paris we passing park de Luxemburg and just outside of its gates we see this statue of a man on a balcony of a private building or so it seems to me. It’s interesting – is there a lonely lady who decided to keep a beautifully built man on her balcony…, or is it a lover who didn’t have time to put his clothes on and had to disappear before the husband spots him… or is it a guardian who keeps his master safe….? LOL

Well, honestly, I’m curious. If anyone knows or has an idea, please share!

The exact address is 58, Rue de Vaugirard. I googled it and founf that people posted pictures with different statues from before, so who knows, there might be a new Michelangelo living there who exhibits his works in such way.

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