The Hurriedness and Awesomeness So Far

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we were quite busy and walked ALOT!  We had a wonderful breakfast/lunch on Tuesday noon with Professor Smith.  Then we went and purchased school supplies for note taking and drawing.  What really impressed me was that in the supply store, there was every age possible purchasing fountain pens, pencils, notebooks, and erasers.  There was such a great variety.  Everyone in the store seemed so focused and serious about their shopping.  It was almost a little comical,  but then I realized, at least I think this is true, that the French take great pride in creation ad writing and valuing petite little things, like little tasty macaroons which I will blog about next time :)

I was absolutely so happy with our visit to the medieval museum.  I particularly enjoyed the religious ornate enamel pieces, but like from a preservation point of view how common clay pots and jars were preserved and researched right along side, just as fully as the rich gold ornate pieces.  The chain mail suit was brilliant! I thought seeing the statue of Charlemagne  at Notre Dame.  He is one of my more favorite people in history, crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD.  He brought the importance of schooling to France and is greatly loved for that.  He just looks awesome in this statue!0703131444a



  1. Caitlin McCafferty
    Jul 8, 2013

    One of my favorite parts so far during this trip was also going to the stationary store. They had such a variety! And there was something there for everyone. And seeing the Charlemagne statue was fun too! It is always inspiring to see someone you look up to.

  2. vgerrish
    Jul 7, 2013

    I can not even imagine having to wear chain mail…how heavy and hot it must have been. I LOVED the stationary store and how seriously the French take shopping for their writing utensils; I’m glad you mentioned that

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