Personally, my trip back home does not mean relaxing by the pool but, going back to my internship and part-time job. My part-time job is at Chili’s near an amusement park close to my hometown and not the most relaxing place to work on the weekends. Being surrounded by okay food, impatient customers and smelling like fajita makes me miss Paris and its food culture.

In America, restaurant goers want everything fast. They want to be seated immediately, have their drinks brought to the table promptly and their food out with no time at all. There is no time to relax during that period or even have a decent conversation with the people you are dining with. Unlike Americans, Parisians took their time with serving food and eating their food. They do not need their waiter every time their water ran out because there was a  carafe  of it on the table. Parisians also do not eat one huge plate of food for dinner but a three course meal. When I was in Paris eating a meal was a ritual not a race. I wish Americans adopted this idea that a meal is a time to spend with others and taste delicious food.

Another component of the Paris food culture I miss is the food itself. As a girl who diligently watches Top Chef, I was overjoyed to see and taste all the delicious food in Paris. There I decided not to shy away from any food and try everything from raw beef, the smelliest of cheeses and even snails. By trying a variety of foods, I found out that snails just taste like the butter and garlic they are cooked in (Who does not like garlic and butter?)  and that I like salmon tartare better than beef tartare. All of the food I ate in Paris was delicious and I already miss those flavors. Bread and pastries will never be the same for me ever again. If America embraces Parisian food culture, we all would be more relaxed and living a higher quality of life.


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